This blog officially started on October 4, 2009.  This blog was created to give translated entries, updates and other random  ramblings about f(x). And another thing, since i’m a suuuppppeerr fan of Amber, this would be Amber & Victoria -bias. haha

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1. DO NOT HOTLINK. You could always save images contained in this blog and upload it to your preferred hosting sites. Images here are uploaded in different hosting sites such as photobucket, 4shared, imageshack & even wp; and if it’s bandwidth exceeds, images would be gone. I don’t want to see box images saying that the image’s bandwidth has exceeded. You wouldn’t want that do you?

2. CREDITS. If taking out entries from here, please credit the original source, translators and don’t add your own name in it. DO NOT ALTER THE CREDITS. Usually credits are found at the bottom of every entry posted.

3. DATES. Just to make thing clear, dates are labeled as – year.month.day.

4. TAGS. Entries posted in here will be tagged as: [MOD POST], [PIC], [VIDEO], [AUDIO], [NEWS], [INFO], [TRANS]. I add “+DL” to the tags when downloads are available. Example: [AUDIO+DL]. These tags are very easy to understand. Right?

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6. GOODIES. A page We’ve opened for me to share icons, banners and wallies we have made. Anything in this page can be taken out but with proper credits. Eg. credits: mumuii@wordpress.

7. INFORM US. If there are links, images & videos that aren’t working or have been removed by the hosting sites, please inform us so that I could change or update it.