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Yep! you’ve read it right. The whole f(x) will be on SBS Star King.

As proofs:

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Hello f(x) which was scheduled to air on the tenth of April, 2PM on Y-STAR, has been delayed a week. Hoping there won’t be any more errors, and we ask your support for Hello f(x) which will be aired on the 17th of April.

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Closely following their track Thrill Love for the drama Hungry Romeo, Luxury Juliet, girl group f(x) will sing the title song for the OST of MBC’s new sitcom 100% Charming the More I Look.

This new sitcom will replace MBC’s sitcom High Kick Through the Roof; its first episode will air on March 22nd. The sitcom’s new title song I Love You, I Love You will feature the voices of f(x) members Victoria, Krystal, Amber, Sulli and Luna. It is a song that well incorporates the energetic voices of an idol group, along with pianist Choi Tae Wan’s water flowing like playing and guitarist Hong Jun Ho’s country rock style playing cross-over in the background, that creates a distinct charismatic sound.

Also the f(x) members’ voices have not been electronically altered, so we’ll get to take a break from the autotune that seems to be so popular as of late.

Enjoy it here:

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SNSD isn’t the only member of the SM Entertainment fam that’s releasing a track today – only an hour after their new song Run Devil Run was unveiled, SNSD’s hoobae group f(x) has something new to share as well!

We don’t know much about this track other than the fact that it’s titled Thrill Love, so make sure to stay tuned as we explore this matter. It’s believed that this track will be part of the OST for the drama Romeo and Juliet, but that has yet to be confirmed. Until then, enjoy!

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Yep! it is for Clazziquai’s Alex new music video called Sweet Dream.

Maybe this will be like SS501’s MV Drama collection. If that’s the case, it’ll be worth waiting for!

Here’s part 1:

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