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MBLAQ reveals an episode where they wanted to call singer Rain by ‘father’.

MBLAQ said during an interview with Monkey3, “We feel really uneasy with out Rain hyung. His existence is like that of a father. And there was once we call him that and he said ‘How much is our age difference that you are already calling me that?’. Rain hyung don’t like to be called a father. With that we just called him by hyung.”

MBLAQ also revealed, “All of our members listen to f(x)’s ‘Chu’ everyday. Even though the song is good, we don’t have other designs.”

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Sharp-eyed netizens have spotted yet another one. Character ‘Go MiNam‘, played by Park ShinHye in drama ‘You’re Beautiful’, was spotted in the same leather rider jacket as f(x) Amber.

Who wears it better?

More photos for comparison:

Go MiNam

Amber :

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