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You Are My Destiny – MV Teaser

credits: monmonshowHD @ youtube


Sorry no translations yet. Kudos to cleaver487 for the YouTube upload.

Thanks to LuxLilAmber for uploading it in Youtube.

Yep! you’ve read it right. The whole f(x) will be on SBS Star King.

As proofs:

Source: f(x) Daum Cafe + 。◕‿‿ ◕。 of Aff(x)tion Forums
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Hello f(x) which was scheduled to air on the tenth of April, 2PM on Y-STAR, has been delayed a week. Hoping there won’t be any more errors, and we ask your support for Hello f(x) which will be aired on the 17th of April.

Source: F(x) official daum fan cafe – Charmant
Translated by: 설☆날 @affxtion
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credits: Clean & Clear + iheartfx @ wordpress

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credits: unknown + iheartfx @ wordpress

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credits: unknown

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