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New individual shot of Krystal for the 2009 Kim Joong Man Africa Project Photobook! She looks absolutely gorgeous in African clothes! What a beautiful and breathtaking shot! I am so so so in love with it! Everything about it takes my breathe away from the accessories to the look on her face! GAH!! So fierce and amazing!

*Click for full size of the image

Stay tuned for the release of the solo shots of the rest of the girls!

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1: Another interest other than music : Coffee
2. Favorite pets: dogs Reasons: because its loyalty
3:what make you get rid of stress : eating
4: What magic would you like to have: make myself invisible Reason :use it when I don’t wanna be seen
5: favorite song : LA chA TA
Desktop: Self Camera Photos
6: What do you like in China/you think it’s interesting in China : Food
7:Idol : Faye Wong, Zhang Ziyi reason: Faye’s voice ,song and personality is the best and Ziyi Zhang is my idol, We both graduated from the same middle school (Beijing martial art school) so she is my senior. I want to achieve success and make my family proud of me like she does.
8:ideal man: Appearance – tall, of course Fashion style – T-shirt and jeans Occupation- art direction , speak same language as me , non-smoker , filial piety
9: If you come to China, the first thing that you have to do : Go home
10: Gift for Chinese fan : Our shows and activities in China so they can see me anytime
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