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f(x)‘s Sulli has revealed her happy feelings towards their upcoming album via her me2DAY today!

Sulli uploaded a pretty shocking picture of herself winking with a red lipstick with the caption:

Hello it’s Sul Sul Sul Sulli~^^ f(x)’s first single chu~♡ will be released soon~ It’s a sweet song that you would want to kiss ><
Anyone want to get kissed by me??

I’m sure all you male fans of Sulli are shouting, “I DO, I DO!

Stay tuned to f(x)’s first single album Chu~♡(츄~♡) on November 9th.



Krystal’s Me2day Entries 2009.10.21

You guys were wondering about the dream concert backstage right? Krystal reporter has covered the news in the dream concert backstage to answer your questions!!^^


Hi~~it’s Krystal~ right now I’m at the filming of gag concert!! For the fans I brought you the video..^^ from Elle girl photoshoot OPEN!!! Kekeke if you guys were wondering how f(x) were like during the photoshoot follow me~~^^

source: Krystal’s Me2day
trans: SugarCookie @ affxtion

Sulli’s Me2day Entry 2009.10.21


hello~!!! hehe this is sul sul sul sulli~^^ I took this picture at the elle girl photoshoot! It’s been a while since my hair was down so it feels a bit akward. I think i did well concidering that this was a unusual shoot! Everyone, did you see our pictures? How was it? Did it turn out good? hehe~

source: Sulli’s Me2day
trans: Sugarcookie @ affxtion

f(x)’s Victoria Me2Day Entry 2009.10.21


boroli has come^^ keke don’t you think it’ll be cool to become a police women?? hehe my childhood dream was to become a police^_= everyone do you like this concept?

source: Victoria’s Me2day
trans: Sugarcookie @ affxtion + Cinthiay @ affxtion


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