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Hello fxwavers! Thanks for your continued support and patronage for f(x)! I know you all cant wait for their comeback, because the feeling is just mutual. 🙂

Anyway, just a quick note.. I’ve been a member of Affxtion forums where I mostly get updates and share it here. But I just recently found out that there is a picture Amber that needs to be taken off the internet. It is a personal and private picture that was said to be uploaded without Amber’s consent. It was also removed from the forum by one of the moderators. (FYI: Amber is a member of Affxtion forums)

We at thefxwave also posted it here for sharing Amber’s adorable picture. But we love Amber, and the whole f(x).  We also need to respect their privacy. So in line with this, instead of putting the post down, I just had to put a password.

To some of you who saw or knows the picture, its up to you what you’ll do. 🙂

Thank you for understanding. GO F(X)!


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f(x) wave  is currently recruiting [writers, translators & uploaders] 🙂


o. You must have a wordpress account.
o. Should be familiar on how to use wordpress.
o. has an experience with blogging.
o.  Must be regularly online.
o. AND most of all, you’re a BIG fan of f(x).

If you are interested leave a comment with your e-mail add 🙂


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