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The set was filled with the girls’ chatters and laughter’s. By the F(x) members’ lively and youthful look, the studio felt as if spring had already come. The five members who have been endorsing winter clothes as a CF model for a foreign casual brand last November, came together again last month for the spring CF photo shoot at a studio in Kang Nam.

Debuting in September last year with the single album “Lachata”, the reason for their popularity as a girl group has been displayed. With the innocence and curiosity that only young girls can retain, F(x) has perfectly conveyed their playful expressions. Every so often, their attempts to hold on a serious face was adorable. After the group shots, when it was time for individual shots, they spent their time joking around and chattering together. Even the staffs gazed at them, wondering how their actions can be so lively and cute, keeping them astonished.

Last fall, the official expressed his thoughts about the company’s new CF models, “They’re a group who have the qualities of having a young lively image that we’re looking for. Each and every member’s innocent and bright appearance fits well with the company’s concept. The anticipation of them were high and last year after their first advertisement, the sales increased by 30%,” showing his satisfactory.

Krystal expressed her feelings about the photo shoot by saying– “It was fun” and added on saying she enjoyed F(x)’s upbeat music and the many bright outfits she personally liked. Amber, who has been gaining a lot of fans with her boyish charms, replied saying that she was pleased to reveal her sporty looks and trying on new concepts, adding a unique boyish smile. When it wasn’t their turn for the individual shots, Victoria and Sulli ran around the studio as if it was a gym, making the staffs forget about the tedium. It wasn’t just 5 members, it was like taking pictures of 5 sisters at an enjoyable gathering. This CF will start releasing in the middle of the month.

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While f(x) is working as models for the sports brand K-Swiss, they have revealed an ad for their new f(x) line.

We were able to see f(x) maturing while seeing them have the photo shoot for f(x) line. Last month on KBS2TV’s ‘Yoyo Manxman’, we were able to see Sulli’s long hair at the behind the scenes look at the photo shoot. Her long hair has stirred up a lot of interests in portal sites which made her search ranking go up rapidly.

In f(x) line, it’s filled with f(x)’s stylish and sporty looks filled with colors and cheerful patterns.

K-Swiss brand PR representative has said “Through the fresh and trendy f(x)’s line, we will able to show more modern style of K-Swiss.” and “Krystal’s style, Victoria’s style, and Sulli’s style. We’ll copy each member’s styles and put it into f(x)’s line. We’re anticipating that this will get a lot of interest from the younger age group.”

On the other hand, you will be able to see the behind the scenes videos and photos at K-Swiss’s blog on the 17th.

Source: The Star Chosun
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Warning: Too hot to handle. Make sure you have something to cool down yourselves. An electric fan will do. Depends on the level of hotness you may experience.


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As testament to their growing popularity, 5-member group f(x), has been appointed as ambassadors for the Korean Armed Forces.

The girls were officially appointed at the 2010 Friends FM Ambassadors Ceremony on the afternoon of January 29th.

Past ambassadors include Jewelry (2003), Jang Nara (2004), Hong Kyung Min (2005-06), Ivy (2007) and Han Young (2008-09).

There were also other familiar faces at the event, which included Boom who was MCing and actor/singer, Kim Jung Hoon.

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