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Hello f(x) which was scheduled to air on the tenth of April, 2PM on Y-STAR, has been delayed a week. Hoping there won’t be any more errors, and we ask your support for Hello f(x) which will be aired on the 17th of April.

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It hasn’t even been a week since April started, yet many groups and artists (especially females) are ready to make a comeback into the Kpop scene! Lee Hyori recently released her album, Secret has unveiled their MV, 2NE1 is returning in April, and seems like there’s one more group to add to the list – the lovely ladies of f(x)!

Last year, f(x) made their debut with LA ChA TA and then Chu~. They disappeared from our faces for a while, but seems like they’ll be back soon!

SM Entertainment recently announced that f(x)’s teaser pictures and their new album will be released in mid-April. For their comeback, the girls will join other girl groups like T-ara and KARA as they will be transitioning from the cute concept into a more sexy and mature one.

In addition, a new show, called Hello f(x), will take fans into the private lives of f(x) as they prepare for their comeback. Fans will be able to see a side of f(x) that they never knew before.

When f(x) returns, they will begin promotional activities for their title song, and they’ll also be performing along SNSD.

Keep an eye out on KPOPLIVE for more updates on f(x)!

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Andre Kim is reputable for his evening and wedding gowns collection and has been in the fashion industry since 1962. So who will walk his runway this time?

None other than Super Junior’s Siwon and f(x) Sulli! These two SM artists are surely getting busy. They will be the main models for “Andre Kim fashion fantasia”. The show will air after “2010 KCTA Digital cable TV show” and will be held on March 3rd to 6th at Goyang, Kyungki Province.

Since Andre Kim is famous for his wedding and evening gown designs, let’s all assume that these two will doll up with those outfits. Bringing us an image of a real prince charming and a sweet princess, who wants to see it? | Kpop Live
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I heard f(x) is soon to appear on Star King! yay! I believe it would be Krystal for now and on March 8, f(x) will appear full force! Got this tip from iheartfx, thanks! 🙂

Anyway, you can stay tuned to f(x) by following their scheds. No stalking, that’d be freaky. lol. We can show our support by letting them have their privacy too, eh?

2010.02.22 Monday

[RECORDING] SBS Star King (Krystal)
[PERFORMANCE] KangNam University Freshman Orientation

2010.02.23 Tuesday

[PERFORMANCE] PM 3:00 ~ The 22nd Korea PD Awards (Venue: Universal Art Center)
[PERFORMANCE] Korea Polytechnic University Freshman Orientation

2010.02.25 Thursday

[RADIO SHOW] PM 8:00 ~ KBS Cool FM Maybee’s Turn Up the Volume Radio Show (Krystal)

2010.02.27 Saturday

[PERFORMANCE] PM 7:00 ~ Girls’ Generation The 1st Asia Tour Encore Concert (Amber)

2010.02.28 Sunday

[PERFORMANCE] PM 4:00 ~ Girls’ Generation The 1st Asia Tour Encore Concert (Amber)
[BROADCAST] PM 4:10 ~ SBS Inkigayo (Popular Song) (Sulli as MC)
[EVENT] PM 8:00 ~ Nana’s B Autograph Signing Event (Sulli)

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While f(x) is working as models for the sports brand K-Swiss, they have revealed an ad for their new f(x) line.

We were able to see f(x) maturing while seeing them have the photo shoot for f(x) line. Last month on KBS2TV’s ‘Yoyo Manxman’, we were able to see Sulli’s long hair at the behind the scenes look at the photo shoot. Her long hair has stirred up a lot of interests in portal sites which made her search ranking go up rapidly.

In f(x) line, it’s filled with f(x)’s stylish and sporty looks filled with colors and cheerful patterns.

K-Swiss brand PR representative has said “Through the fresh and trendy f(x)’s line, we will able to show more modern style of K-Swiss.” and “Krystal’s style, Victoria’s style, and Sulli’s style. We’ll copy each member’s styles and put it into f(x)’s line. We’re anticipating that this will get a lot of interest from the younger age group.”

On the other hand, you will be able to see the behind the scenes videos and photos at K-Swiss’s blog on the 17th.

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The girls from f(x) send out their greetings for the Lunar New Year.

The pair of videos from the group have the girls wishing everyone the best in 2010. Amber shows off her Korean skills and sexy Victoria gives us her greetings in both Korean and Chinese. Here’s to the continued success of the group in 2010!

Videos below from iheartfx:

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As you may all have heard, Sulli wasnt able to attend her graduation on February 5th due to f(x)’s hectic schedule in China.

On one of the SBS One Night TV Entertainment episodes, Sulli admitted her disappointment of missing out on her graduation. She said “I was disappointed that I could not attend the graduation for a school I attended for 3 years due to my overseas activities.

Nevertheless, her trademark smile appeared as the staff prepared a surprise graduation just for her. They were able to invite Sulli’s best friends, who brought the diploma to her. Sulli and her friends celebrated as they hugged each other. Sulli said, “This is my diploma. This is how it looks. I am very happy to receive this from my friends.” Check out the adorable member here (credits to FtotheXnow)

Congrats, Sulli!

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Idol Group f(x) performed at the congratulatory stage for the ‘7th annual Max Movie Best Movie Award’.

On the 9th (Tuesday) at 7PM at the Coex Auditorium, f(x) will be performing at the ‘7th annual Best Movie Award Ceremony’ festival.

In 2009, f(x) debuted with the song ‘LaChaTA’, and made ‘Chocolate Love’ and ‘Chu’ a hit song which led them to be named the best new idols. It’s believed that f(x) will raise the atmosphere by performing at the congratulatory stage.

The netizens have revealed their feels about f(x) performing again, “I was sad that I didn’t see f(x) performing for a while but thinking that I can see them again makes me happy.” and “Show me f(x)’s amazing performance!”

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You’ve read it right! Sulli is the new MC of Inkigayo! This adorable-as-a-button f(x) member, celebrated her launch as a host with 2PM’s Taecyon and Wooyoung, by dancing on her special stage to Gwen Stefani’s “Crash”. The choreography was made with trademark moves from Oh! and Genie by SNSD, Sorry Sorry by Super Junior, and Abracadabra by the Brown Eyed Girls. She revealed some moves and sexy charms that we would not have otherwise seen through her dance routines with her f(x) members. Check out the performance here (Thanks to moraylive3 for this video):

Here are her MC Cuts (cr: bwmow4)

Sulli was chosen for her bright and adorable personality and we definitely foresee her receiving much love and success for her new gig!

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whoa! sorry for not updating. we’ve all been busy but we’ve have to keep up, eh?

first off, SNSD’s and F(x)’s maknaes Seohyun & Krystal were chosen to endorse Clean & Clear with a year and a half contract.

It’s not that surprising because aside from having an obviously healthy and smooth skin, the company also expressed that “Seohyun and Krystal have a clean and healthy image that matches well with the brand, resulting in their selection”. They also added that “We have expectations as they will probably receive the synergy effect as much as the popularity they have from the teenager customers”.

According to the news, Seohyun and Krystal already finished shooting the ‘Base Line Cable”s advertisement on February 1st as their first activity. The video, where these two people’s natural and clean image is contained, is expected to be revealed on February 18th. However, MBC recently got with the the girls and interviewed them on set. Many think Yuri and Seohyun look alike but looking at Krystal and Seohyun together, they look very similar as well. Check out the segment below:

Seohyun and Krystal happily note that they’re “very happy to be doing activities as cosmetics models” for that is something they really wanted to do. With this endorsement, they also hope “it can gather a lot of interest since we’re going to show an aspect different from the performances on-stage”.

On a different note, while SNSD is receiving a hot reaction with their 2nd album ‘Oh!”s comeback, f(x) is preparing a new material after finishing with their first single promotions.

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