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I heard f(x) is soon to appear on Star King! yay! I believe it would be Krystal for now and on March 8, f(x) will appear full force! Got this tip from iheartfx, thanks! 🙂

Anyway, you can stay tuned to f(x) by following their scheds. No stalking, that’d be freaky. lol. We can show our support by letting them have their privacy too, eh?

2010.02.22 Monday

[RECORDING] SBS Star King (Krystal)
[PERFORMANCE] KangNam University Freshman Orientation

2010.02.23 Tuesday

[PERFORMANCE] PM 3:00 ~ The 22nd Korea PD Awards (Venue: Universal Art Center)
[PERFORMANCE] Korea Polytechnic University Freshman Orientation

2010.02.25 Thursday

[RADIO SHOW] PM 8:00 ~ KBS Cool FM Maybee’s Turn Up the Volume Radio Show (Krystal)

2010.02.27 Saturday

[PERFORMANCE] PM 7:00 ~ Girls’ Generation The 1st Asia Tour Encore Concert (Amber)

2010.02.28 Sunday

[PERFORMANCE] PM 4:00 ~ Girls’ Generation The 1st Asia Tour Encore Concert (Amber)
[BROADCAST] PM 4:10 ~ SBS Inkigayo (Popular Song) (Sulli as MC)
[EVENT] PM 8:00 ~ Nana’s B Autograph Signing Event (Sulli)

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f(x) Performs Lachata on Shingoo University

credits: AmtoriaTV @ youtube

Idol Group f(x) performed at the congratulatory stage for the ‘7th annual Max Movie Best Movie Award’.

On the 9th (Tuesday) at 7PM at the Coex Auditorium, f(x) will be performing at the ‘7th annual Best Movie Award Ceremony’ festival.

In 2009, f(x) debuted with the song ‘LaChaTA’, and made ‘Chocolate Love’ and ‘Chu’ a hit song which led them to be named the best new idols. It’s believed that f(x) will raise the atmosphere by performing at the congratulatory stage.

The netizens have revealed their feels about f(x) performing again, “I was sad that I didn’t see f(x) performing for a while but thinking that I can see them again makes me happy.” and “Show me f(x)’s amazing performance!”

News Source: Newsen, LittlePrince + Aff(x)tion Forum
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You’ve read it right! Sulli is the new MC of Inkigayo! This adorable-as-a-button f(x) member, celebrated her launch as a host with 2PM’s Taecyon and Wooyoung, by dancing on her special stage to Gwen Stefani’s “Crash”. The choreography was made with trademark moves from Oh! and Genie by SNSD, Sorry Sorry by Super Junior, and Abracadabra by the Brown Eyed Girls. She revealed some moves and sexy charms that we would not have otherwise seen through her dance routines with her f(x) members. Check out the performance here (Thanks to moraylive3 for this video):

Here are her MC Cuts (cr: bwmow4)

Sulli was chosen for her bright and adorable personality and we definitely foresee her receiving much love and success for her new gig!

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Luna & SHINee’s Onew’s Beauty & the Beast on KJE’s Chocolate

credits: lolii360 @ youtube

f(x) Performs S.E.S.’s Just A Feeling on Sungwoo Resort

credits: sulli940329 @ youtube

Sulli’s Chu~♥ on Sungwoo Resort

credits: sulli940329 @ youtube

Sulli’s Lachata on Sungwoo Resort

credits: sulli940329 @ youtube

Sulli’s Chocolate Love on Sungwoo Resort

credits: sulli940329 @ youtube

Sulli’s Ment on Basketball All Star Game

credits: sulli940329 @ youtube


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