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It hasn’t even been a week since April started, yet many groups and artists (especially females) are ready to make a comeback into the Kpop scene! Lee Hyori recently released her album, Secret has unveiled their MV, 2NE1 is returning in April, and seems like there’s one more group to add to the list – the lovely ladies of f(x)!

Last year, f(x) made their debut with LA ChA TA and then Chu~. They disappeared from our faces for a while, but seems like they’ll be back soon!

SM Entertainment recently announced that f(x)’s teaser pictures and their new album will be released in mid-April. For their comeback, the girls will join other girl groups like T-ara and KARA as they will be transitioning from the cute concept into a more sexy and mature one.

In addition, a new show, called Hello f(x), will take fans into the private lives of f(x) as they prepare for their comeback. Fans will be able to see a side of f(x) that they never knew before.

When f(x) returns, they will begin promotional activities for their title song, and they’ll also be performing along SNSD.

Keep an eye out on KPOPLIVE for more updates on f(x)!

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Translation: SUPERSEXY! JAE. @Kpoplivecom

f(x) Dances for the Auction

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