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“Superior genes” SNSD’s Jessica and f(x)’s Krystal siblings will be appearing on a variety show together for the first time.

According to SBS, the two idols appeared on an upcoming episode of Star King which will be aired on March 6th. Older sister Jessica who is more familiar with filming variety programs showed her experience by guiding her nervous younger sister Krystal, pleasantly surprising panelists present on the show.

These two idols along with other guests present on the show were able to witness skilled magicians who created necklaces and made cute umbrellas appear on their fingertips. Especially of interest was a magician who vowed to grab the hearts of Jessica and Krystal through his romantic magic, causing the siblings to be attentive.

Be sure to catch Jessica and Krystal on the 6th!

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Yes it is! Look here:

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whoa! sorry for not updating. we’ve all been busy but we’ve have to keep up, eh?

first off, SNSD’s and F(x)’s maknaes Seohyun & Krystal were chosen to endorse Clean & Clear with a year and a half contract.

It’s not that surprising because aside from having an obviously healthy and smooth skin, the company also expressed that “Seohyun and Krystal have a clean and healthy image that matches well with the brand, resulting in their selection”. They also added that “We have expectations as they will probably receive the synergy effect as much as the popularity they have from the teenager customers”.

According to the news, Seohyun and Krystal already finished shooting the ‘Base Line Cable”s advertisement on February 1st as their first activity. The video, where these two people’s natural and clean image is contained, is expected to be revealed on February 18th. However, MBC recently got with the the girls and interviewed them on set. Many think Yuri and Seohyun look alike but looking at Krystal and Seohyun together, they look very similar as well. Check out the segment below:

Seohyun and Krystal happily note that they’re “very happy to be doing activities as cosmetics models” for that is something they really wanted to do. With this endorsement, they also hope “it can gather a lot of interest since we’re going to show an aspect different from the performances on-stage”.

On a different note, while SNSD is receiving a hot reaction with their 2nd album ‘Oh!”s comeback, f(x) is preparing a new material after finishing with their first single promotions.

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